Jul 26

Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

When grief comes and reaches

with long fingers — bone dry and persisting

When grief comes and wails her sorrowful songs—

bringing anguish on the train of her dress

When she comes and looks long knowing looks

in your mirror — carving out your socketed-eyes and making them ghosts




Jun 29

Photo by name_ gravity on Unsplash

Give me the muddied boots

The tongue-tied stars

the trembling lips and skin-split wounds

Give me false starts

stuttered steps

and dreams beyond wishing

Do not hide my failures

I have hurt us — let me feel it

and forgive

With this I will do the hard work of hope





I am an intervention coordinator at a large Title 1 middle school. I care deeply about people and I like to find solutions if I can. Life is hard. Let's be kind