Nov 9, 2022
Photo by Keith Hardy on Unsplash

I have hollowed out the hull

This once sacred space — where

Every breath was guaranteed.

The truth is, I’m shipwrecked

Lost in a desert sea so bone dry

I’ve lost the rhythm of movement altogether

There is some solice in the story of the stars

Hanging in the Heavens, each suspended

In memory too far gone to even be retold.

My own memories slip like sand

Dull and dirty — each a thorn

Adding to the thicket of justification

I’ve covered myself in.

This desert sea is only temporary, I say

Only a need for space and quiet

I weave that disguise with

The weathered hands of one who has

Worked for their place. The truth —

I could swallow this vast darkness whole

And no one would think me anything less than noble.




I am an assistant principal at a small middle school. I care deeply about people and I like to find solutions if I can. Life is hard. Let's be kind